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Computers rule, but programmer without a fishtank is like hardware without software. My fishtank is on the left of the monitor and it is nice to move sight from the monitor to the colourful world of underwater life. Strongly adviced to all you computer maniacs. In my fishtank I have a small family of Melanochromis Johanni. The youngest is about 1cm (1/2 in) long and it is quite cute. :-)

Johanni Male
This is how grown M. Johanni male looks like.
In the top right corner you can see a female
(females and young are yellow).

Here I want to thank all the people from pl.rec.akwarium (usenet group), who helped me start my "fishy" adventure.

 Bug bomber

That's my boy! BugBomber is an old Amiga game. It is clone of a very popular bomber game. But speed and extensions that were added to the original idea made this version not an ordinary clone but a MEGAHIT. Game can be played simultanously by four real players. There are two modes: "Players vs Computer" or "Player vs Player". Killing computer minions is fun but nothing can be compared to the four mature men in "Players vs Players" havoc. Believe me, these emotions can not be described.

BugBomber is the game that my friends and I play since we found a demo version on the AmigaAction cover floppy. After all those years we still play it and have a joy that Quake players will never have... For this game I still own my old Amiga 500. Best wishes to authors from Kingsoft.

Recently BB has become free. If you want to see what I am talking about - download BugBomber ADF file and UAE or WinFellow (another great Amiga emulator) and have fun.


When I get an e-mail with a new VirtualDub filter idea or bug report for Logoaway or just have spare time I play with my VirtualDub plugins. For details go to VirtualDub page.


Computers are the biggest and the oldest of my hobbies. But computers became also my profession so I moved them to the separate section - worktime.

 Painting & 3D Graphics

This may sound strange, but I like painting. Regular painting like all this site graphics (all icons are hand drawn by me) or painting by 3D rendering. So from time to time I render:

You'd better turn off image loading :-)
Yea, this render sucks but I wanted to add some water
to my deserted site. :-)

You'd better turn off image loading :-)
I would not be a 3D artist if I would not render
a cup on a chessboard :-)

You'd better turn off image loading :-)
And a landscape

Below there is a screenshot from the program I wrote for my son to help him learn names of the animals. The colours of the animals are intentionally changed, because one part of the program was "Memo game" and the colours were helpful in remembering positions of paired cards.

Zoo screenshot
Quickly mouse-hand drawn pictures of the animals.

 Multimedia boy

This is an old, little joke. Short video clip with my face jumping to the rhythm of the song. The song genre is Polish crap music (disco polo). Please forgive me. :-)

Rough translation of the song:

Hey, do you know that I love you?
Hey, do you know, this is serious.
Hey, do you know
 that I watch photos of you?
That's a pity I won't see you again...

Judge yourself. If you are not scared yet :-), you can:

Download preview clip (MPEG1 - 147 460 bytes).
Download full clip (MPEG1 - 1 576 964 bytes).

 Easter eggs

These are four photos of one of the Easter eggs I prepared. This egg is in fishtank theme. Click on image to get full size version.

Malawi species Poecilia Sphenops etc.
Ancistrus spec. South america species

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