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Y ou have just reached website of Krzysztof Wojdon! Wondering what Krzysztof stands for? No, it is not encrypted string. Just polish version of Christopher - the name that is has its origin in Greek "Christ-bearer". I am very glad parents gave me this name, because I am Catholic and God is very important thread in my life.

 Do not worry. I am not going to bore you with detailed history of my life (at least not here :-). If you want to know more about me, you can jump to about me section. To read about my hobbies and unusual activities go to freetime pages. People looking for Logoaway should immediately contact with VirtualDub staff. On links page you can see links (with descriptions) to interesting software and Internet places.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you! May the newborn God bring peace to all of you and make all your (wise!) dreams come true.

And here is small stupid joke from me (requires Shockwave 10 player installed): xmas2005.exe
(size: 957 774 - download times: ~1 min. on 128kb/s, ~4 min. on a 56kb/s modem)


Hey! Old love never fades away, so I wrote another filter. During my last project I had to change a lot of backgrounds in animations. However, I had no access to original projects with layered graphics, so changing backgrounds meant precise manual painting in background areas of the video (because objects moving in front of background cannot be affected). For example: I had a group of animated characters with waving baloons in the wind and all of it in front of "Happy Birthday" poster that I had to change. Painting a few dozens of frames with a new sentence in place of "Happy Birthday" (with care for all ballons, baloon's strings and moving characters) could make interesting entry in my CV, but definitely would seriously impact my brain cells.

If you want read more, go to BackChange readme file. Here is full package (filter, tutorial and readme file) ready for download (use "Save Link As" option of your browser if a page full of garbage opens instead of "Save File" window):

BackChange v1.001 (self-extracting 7-ZIP, 252KB)
BackChange v1.001 (7-ZIP, 246KB)
BackChange v1.001 (RAR, 439KB)

Update, 18-Oct-2006: BackChange verifies if replacement bitmaps are the same size as video source.


Thanks to Per Flodin I have fixed memory leak in Logoaway. If you want to run Logoaway on a long render run, you should download new version 4.01 right now. Memory leak seems to be small in code (8*width_of_logo per one blur operation), but can quickly compensate into hundreds of megabytes when processing involves long video files.



Someone copied my page and added some porno links to get better scores in web search engines. It makes me extremely angry, because web page with my name had such links. I HAVE NEVER SUPPORTED AND I WILL NEVER COOPERATE WITH ANY PORNO SITES. Finally I have control over vander74 again (thanks to nice people at, but screw you all porno guys!

People! DO NOT LINK TO or any other internet provider page. Instead use virtual domain, which is alias for my most actual page at the moment.


Thanks to old, good bug reporters (Jochen and the others) I removed stupid debug MessageBox() from the filter. Also script loading procedure was slightly changed to be more flexible. Current build of LA is here: Logoaway v4.0beta3. Now I am rewriting code because adding any new feature has a form of patches spread in whole source in switch-case code structures. So LogoAway IS NOT DEAD - I will improve it.

I spent too many hours on JFK Airport in New York City due to power outage in north-east US, so beside of large part of the code written in NYC I also have a name for new version of the filter. ;-) See you again!


Best green wishes to all Irish people around the world because of St. Patrick's Day, especially to all my friends I met in Dublin, Ireland.

I just received 187 emails from last 6 months, though my account claimed to be "empty" when I have been doing regular checks since November 2002. I apologise all LA users for not responding for such a long time. I just thought no one uses LA anymore, but I see it was email server fault. AFAIK Logoaway got some serious bugs left in script part of filter (debug message boxes) and I will make necessary updates ASAP.

Anyone with notes about LA please send your mails again.


Small change to Logoaway. I was asked to make border checkbox operate independent from general on/off (OFF MODE) switch as OFF MODE + BORDERS VISIBLE are useful configuration for grabbing video frame with marked logo area for mask creation. Grab Logoaway v4.0beta2.

NOTE: Logoaway was working this way up to version 3.5fix1.


Half month later...

It's a shame, but it took 6 months to add new feature to Logoaway. I suck even more as it took five hours (including small fixes in totally messy GUI code). New feature is simple scripting to make filter work only in defined ranges of frames. Now we can set LA to work eg. on frames 1-100, 143-175 and 200-15000.

It is done by preparing script file (plain text file, do it with notepad or any favorite text editor) with frame number ranges, where filter should be applied:

; This is sample file. Lines starting with ;
; are comments and will be skipped by Logoaway
; Also empty lines are skipped

Then click "Script" check and "..." button to point to script file. It does not hurt to use frame numbers which are not in movie, eg last number greater than total number of frames.

New version (Logoaway 4.0beta) can be downloaded. New feature due to beta status is not yet documented.


I am back from the trip to Ireland. I received few emails during my stay in Dublin, so here is small fix. New and fixed version (Logoaway 3.5fix2) can be downloaded.

(FIX) Logoaway crashed in preview mode with width set to value greater than height.
(FIX) Mode OFF should work properly.

IMPORTANT: Do not link to old site ( I cannot access that page and it is now obsolete. Try to link/reach through Every time my site moves I am setting new location in account.


Happy new year, dear VirtualDubers! :-)

Uwe & Jochen sent me infos (thanks!) about two bugs in Logoaway v3.5. One of bug was in configuration dialog box - border configuration GUI did not displayed real filter configuration. Second bug was nastier: UGLARM mode worked always in 'direct border' mode, no matter what configuration user selected. New and fixed version (Logoaway 3.5fix1) can be downloaded.


Finally I got a job, so I could not make much progress on Logoaway, but today I upload new version of Logoaway (3.5beta). After this release, calculations in LA are no longer forced to use rectangle logo border. Now, it is possible to mark contour of the logo and only contour pixels will be used in logo-area recalculation.

I feel guilty as documentations is out of date. I will fix this when I find a few spare minutes. To play with new mode, you need to prepare 256 color (256 grayscale) BMP file. Pixels with color index 0 are left unchanged, color 255 is used to mark logo contour, all other pixels will be recalculated by filter. In Shape XY mode operation is based on old X-Y blending mode, but pixels are taken from logo contour. Maybe this picture will explain something (click it for full size):

Shape XY work scheme

Shape UGLARM works similar to plain UGLARM mode, but instead of logo rectangle border, pixels on contour are used. Not all, just those that are closer than defined with "Radius" slider distance. On picture logo pixel (green) is replaced with contour pixels (red):

Shape UGLARM work scheme

I feel something is still wrong, especially with Shape UGLARM mode and GUI. I wonder If I should change filter name to HackOnway. Anyway: bug hunting season is open!

It is 4:04 AM. Beta release of 3.2 is working and ready to download. New mode: luminance modification. No documentation at the moment.
Users should prepare 256 color bitmap in size of marked logo. In luminance bitmap, pixels stand for: color index 128 - no luminance change, 0 - for maximum darken and 255 - for total bright up. Use other values for smooth gradients. In luminance mode blur slider in GUI changes to 'luminance power'. One can use it to adjust strength of modification.

Today my account is back to the life. Thanks to administrator :-). Just downloaded all e-mails. Many valuable informations. Thanks a lot, replies on the way. Now, it's time to work on Logoaway.

Logoaway. Jon C. Hodgson sent me fixed documentation for Logoaway. Big thanks, Jon! Comparing both versions is very educational. :-)

I am back from my vacation voyages. I though there will be a zillion of emails to reply, but administrator of our student server set up such a strong firewall, that server is completely out of service. All emails are gone... :-(

Now anyone can find me on

This site should not be released, but I fixed two bugs in Logoaway and want to put a new version of the filter on the web. On the other hand I do not want to update old pages (download section is going to be removed from documentation). Expect not working links and empty paragraphs.

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