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 Do you speak VirtualDub?  Filters written by me

Have you ever heard about VirtualDub? No!? This is the most powerful AVI editing/conversion utility with high performance video grabbing module. Real free, no nags, no adverts. If you have a TV card with Video for Windows driver, this application is a must. You can grab video, then denoise it and finally resize to required size. All operations are performed in real-time and the result is saved to the AVI with no dropped frames. You would do best and jump to www.virtualdub.org for latest VirtualDub release.

VirtualDub screenshot
VirtualDub screenshot.

I have developed a few VirtualDub plugins. Some of them are:
  • Logoaway - Created to remove logos from video sequence. Logo is a small sign usually put in one of the corners. Logos usualy destroy quality of encoded video stream.

  • BackChange - If you have to change background in the animation, and at the same time there is a lot of foreground objects, and doing it manually over 100 frames gives you creeps, this filter is for you. Example: Pinnie The Wooh is having party with friends. Everybody walking around, jumping and having baloons waving in the wind in front of "Happy Birthday Eyemore the Donkey", and you want to change the poster to "Make Tea, Not Love". If you want to know more about this filter, here is online manual for BackChange v1.0.

  • Exorcist - Developed to remove common aerial signal problem - shifted copies of main video. When you see two headed news speaker or 44 football players at one time running after two balls, you are in 99% victim of bad signal.

  • Alidator - Using VirtualDub as video signal archiving application? This may be useful. This filter puts current date and time on the grabbed frame. Meant to be used as RGB filter in Capture mode to put information describing time when the material was grabbed.


Download BackChange v1.0 (18.08.2004)filter, kind-of-manual & tutorial - 421 253.
BackChange v1.0 - online manual.

Download Logoaway v4.01filter - 16 131.

Download Logoaway v4.0 BETA 3 (25.08.2003)filter - 16 131.

Download Logoaway v4.0 BETA 2 filter - 16 130.

Download Logoaway v4.0 BETA filter - 16 113.

Download Logoaway v3.5 fix2 filter - 14 855.

Download Logoaway v3.5 fix1 filter - 15 567.

Download Logoaway v3.5 beta filter - 15 567.

Download Logoaway v3.2 beta filter - 13 459.

Download Logoaway v3.01 filter - 12 349.
Download Logoaway v3.01 documentation - 176 895 bytes.
Or read it online.

Download Logoaway v2.4 filter - 9 953 bytes.
Download Logoaway v2.4 documentation - 182 121 bytes.

Download Exorcist v1.0 filter and documentation - 21 471 bytes.
Read Exorcist online documentation.

Download Alidator v1.0 filter and documentation - 15 109 bytes.
See online Alidator documentation.

 Logoaway changelog

4.0beta2 Change release
  • (NEW) Border checkbox works independent from general ON/OFF switch. To disable filter completely disable filter (MODE OFF) and uncheck border switch.
4.0beta1 Feature release
  • (NEW) Added simple scripting feature to make filter work only on defined frame ranges
3.5fix2 Bugfix release
  • (FIX) Filter crashed with preview mode and logo width changed to be greater than height.
  • (FIX) OFF function should work propely now.
3.5fix1 Bugfix release
  • (FIX) Border configuration was not properly displayed in GUI.
  • (FIX) UGLARM worked all the time in plain border mode. Now UGLARM should work as selected in border configuration.

3.5beta Two shape modes added
  • (NEW) Shape XY mode.
  • (NEW) Shape UGLARM mode.

3.2beta Luminance mode added + bugfix
  • (NEW) Added luminance mode.
  • (BUG) Fixed pixel shift up bug
  • (BUG) Fixed bitmap load bug (pad bytes skipped in wrong size).
  • (DOC) Jon fixed documentation. Now people should be able to read it.

3.01 bugfix release
  • (BUG) BMP reader did not skip padbytes correctly. Funny thing but there's an error in MSDN in BMP reader code. :-)
  • (BUG) Border list growing
  • (DOC) Added short tutorial on using Paint Shop Pro for alpha-mask preparation

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