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As you probably know, my name is Krzysztof (that's Christopher) Wojdon (pronounce as English "Voidon"). I was born on 14th October 1974. I have two brothers and a sister (hi, there:-). I am married (Joanna is the name of my beloved wife) and I am a proud father of three boys - Tomek (Thomas, born 1997), his younger brother, Lukasz (Luke, 1999) and our last gem - Szymon (Simon, 2007). (note on Aug 18,2007 - I wonder if I update this list again. ;-) (Sorry, Milosz, you should be mentioned here too, but please understand - this page is from 2001, 8 years before you joined us :) )

I am Catholic. Roman Catholic to be specific, but more important is that I believe in God and I believe that the most important part of christianity is in its rule of love. Seeking of God is very personal experience and I am not going to force anyone here to anything. Once you will start seeking love, justice and compassion - you will inevitably find God - one day your paths will just cross with his.

On the picture above I have long hair. Well, to be honest I am not that pretty or young today. This photo is a bit old. Today my hair is shorter and partially white. No kidding, I am 30+ years old, and at that age you do not want to put your photos on the web pages! ;-)

In the 2001 I have finished my master degree thesis ("Protecting software from illegal users"). In July I passed my last exam and finally earned my Master Degree in Computer Science (University of Wroclaw).


came into the computer world when I saw a computer for the first time. It was during local show that was meant to present achievments of socialism (Poland left this way of making life better in 1989). It was not a computer as we are used to know them. It was a plain terminal with a green text monitor and connected printer and the only function of the duet was to print current display state. I do still remember the first time I wrote "KRZYSZTOF WOJDON". After a moment a man from the computer service came and pressed the "Print" key. I had this piece of printer paper for a very long time. :-)

Then I started buying newspapers about computers. I started reading programming courses. Not easy or cheap as almost every newspaper had its "computer corner". Even "Soldier of Freedom", the magazine for army fans. At that time my friends bought Commodore 16 and Atari 800XL. Today I would like to ask them to forgive me all the hours I spent in their houses. :-) Sorry, good old fellows wherever you are!

Part 2 - Then came the day!

One Sunday my older brother and I came to the place where people used to exchange software and buy/sell hardware. We looked for a ZX Spectrum+ computer. We found one and bought it. I was very proud of my brother because he got price down a little. We went home on foot. It took a while but the computer was not too heavy for me. My feet had little wings - it was my first computer! I still remember the old lady who asked us in the street "Where did you buy a coffee maker?". Quickshot joysticks' engineers, are you there? You had a gift of making nice coffee makers but went wrong market. :-)

I learned Spectrum basic. Nice, but after a short time I went to the conclusion that I could not made nothing even close to the games I used to play. Checked BetaBasic, MegaBasic and so on. Then assembly. Meanwhile burnt one speccy ROM, bought AY-3-8912 sound expansion, extended RAM to 80KB. Nothing helped. Demos on my friend's Commodore64 did not leave a choice. I had to have a C64.

To be continued...

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